The positive benefits are endless.

The positive benefits are endless.

It’s like anything else in life.

You make time for what you desire most.

You are worth it.

Have fun with it and you will learn to love it.

I 100% agree with this.

There be hot people there.  LOL

That’s the goal.

Well?  How hard are you willing to work?


Oh those farmer walks.

I’ve been working on my grip strength.  It hurts.  My forearms feel like they are on fire at the end (if I don’t flat out drop the weights). 

However, I’ve added 20lbs to my deadlift.

Totally worth it.


I lost zero weight for 5 months.

Yet.. I went down 4 sizes.

The first two - absolutely.

The last.. maybe.


Laugh while you do it.  Have fun.  Enjoy your time.

But sweat.

So effin true.

So effin true.

Then do it again.